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Über Vögel und Schweine.

Christian Rickens' story with my pictures on the Finnish game developer ROVIO and their upcoming movie in the German financial magazine HANDELSBLATT. Thank you Christian, Nicola and Rober!

Workshop HFBK / Georgia

Best workspace ever. In Georgia with students of the German University HFBK Hamburg as part of my current guest professorship.

LFI magazine feature

Featured at the LFI MAGAZINE 03/2016 KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2016 with Beso Khaindrava, Teona Gogichaishvili, Dina Oganova, Keti Machavariani, Nini Rekhviashvili, Janine Koppelmann, Galerie Kunstwerk Nippes, Inga Schneider, Tina Schelhorn, Galerie Lichtblick,Tuula Alajoki, Christopher Rauschenberg, Wolfgang Zurborn, Simon Norfolk, Dougie Wallace, Fabian Weiss, Jana Choumali

Gold digger in Germany for MACHER magazine

Fritz Schaap and I went out to look for gold diggers. Not in Canada, neither in the US. But in the Harz mountains in Germany. Check out the current issue of the MACHER magazine which you can grab at each Hornbach market.

Workshop: NOUA #2 is printed

After only a bit more than a week of researching and some days of final editing and layout, NOUA magazine #2 themed NEIGHBOURS came just from the press.

n-ost media conference in Berlin

With Kai Wiedenhöfer and Donald Weber and many other great journalists, photographers and friends at the n-ost Translating Worlds media conference in Berlin. ‪#‎tw_15‬ ‪#‎n‬-ost ‪#‎berlin‬