New Seto king elected in Southern Estonia

On Saturday, the Seto tribe held the annual Kingdom Day in southern Estonia and selected their new regent of the King: Piret Torm-Kriis. (Her last name translates to Storm-Crisis...)
She will represent the Finno-Ugric tribe for one year. The first Seto Kingdom was announced in 1994. Ever since the Setos have been holding a kingdom day on the first Saturday in August in a different municipality of the Seto region each year. The king is named after Peko, the Seto folk hero. According to legend, Peko is sleeping eternally in a sandstone cave and cannot rule the kingdom alone and thus the Setos are governed by his representative, chosen by the people on his behalf, called the Regent of Peko, the King of Setos. The candidates literally “stomp” for support, standing on an upright log, and people line up in front of the candidates they want. The candidate with the most people is the new ruler.

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